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The World of Rosny Jewelry

Jewelry for now. Jewelry forever.

About Us

Just love to share with you a little family secret!
Our business establishment was founded in 2002 and the name “Rosny & Company” was given. Why “2002” and Rosny”? Here’s the story. In 2002, we welcome our new family member, Justin, into this wonderful world and into our new cozy home as well. He brought us joy and we enjoy very much his company. We wanted to do something for him. We decided to start our jewelry business. We chose to deal with jewelries because this is our family tradition in the business field since 1970. As for “Rosny” the given name, it is a portmanteau of our names Robert, Rosie, Robin and Ruby, which now serves as a reminder for us to unite, to support each other and to work hard with enthusiasm and responsibility.